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With over 30 years of combined healthcare experience including extensive experience in the emergency department and urgent care, our board-certified providers invite you to enjoy healthcare as it should be: convenient, affordable, high-quality, evidence-based, and focused on efficiently and compassionately treating you and your family.

How it works:

Step 1

Conveniently book an appointment online any time of day.


Step 2

Tell us how we can help via our simplified patient forms.


Step 3

We come to you. Whether your home, your office or another convenient location. Sit back, relax, and eliminate the hours spent in the waiting room. Time is money, we’ll save you both.


Step 4

We provide a customized medical evaluation, lab testing with immediate results, a diagnosis, and a prescription if indicated for treatment. We offer prescription medication and commonly used over-the-counter products that are dispensed at the time of visit to start feeling your best right away. Note: we do not carry or dispense controlled substances.

Why choose Peak Mobile Medicine

Convenience: Schedule appointments that fit into your busy life

Personalized care: Experience healthcare tailored to your unique needs, spend more time with our emergency department trained Providers

Price transparency: Know what you pay upfront, more affordable than the ER or Urgent Care

Time Efficiency: Skip the waiting room and receive prompt attention

Immediate Relief: Begin your path to recovery with on-the-spot treatment

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